• the practice of unhurried leadership

    the practice of unhurried leadership

    going deeper into the challenges of working with people

  • why?

    It's time for a fresh approach

    why now?

    What got us where we are - as individuals, as organisations and, frankly, as a species - isn't going to take us where we need to be. It's safer than you think to let go of the handrail.



    why us?

    We've been collaborating over many years. We combine practical experience in organisations and work with the Oxford University and Columbia Business Schools. We're now ready to release The Practice into the wild.

    where next?

    We're doing this in Australia and UK. We're working on USA and Asia. And we can bring The Practice to your organisation or country.

    Let's talk.

  • we believe in...

    ...using time differently

    Unhurried is the pace we set when we’re in tune with what we’re doing. It’s not necessarily going slowly. It’s about finding a way to create resonance between us as we work.

    ...difference and difficulty as a source of creativity

    Unhurried teams find ways to use - rather than suppress - their differences, so they are a source of new thinking. It's possible to keep companionship even in adversity.

    ...playing with focus

    To be creative, we need to move between intense concentration and relaxed reflection. A kind of flexible attentiveness is an antidote to the many things in life that can fracture our attention.

    ...the wisdom of uncertainty

    Working creatively means being wary of formulaic solutions and models. These offer the comfort of certainty but often at the expense of aliveness.

    ...being human

    With the rise of artificial intelligence and the growing digitisation of work, we need to allow people to do what humans uniquely can do.


    According to legend, at the age of 95, the cellist Pablo Casals was asked why he continued to practise on the cello. He replied, "because I'm beginning to notice some improvement."


    We learn by performing into new roles. There's an element of risk and a willingness to accept the attention of others. If it feels safe, it probably isn’t leadership.

  • experience unhurried leadership

    Melbourne, Australia

    12th and 13th February 2019

    with Johnnie Moore (UK) and Viv McWaters (Australia)


    radical design

    a program built for and with you

    We practice what we preach. We're arriving with years of experience and ideas, not a pre-set list of activities. We'll create in response to what you bring. Turn up with a challenge and we'll start from there, working together as a group. Be prepared to be surprised.


    show up - let go - jump in

    learning is an adventure

    The first step is to show up - that’s usually the easiest bit. Then let go - of expectations, of old habits of thinking and acting, of worn-out stories we tell ourselves about what we can and can’t do, or why something will or won’t work. And then jump in - to new experiences and ideas, to different ways of thinking and being.

    facilitated for aliveness

    be challenged, excited, surprised...

    We use activities and conversations to help everyone explore their own edges. There is a rich mixture of conversations, space for reflection, and playful experimentation.

    in a creative space

    The Larwill Studio is an Art Series Hotel on the edge of Melbourne, in Parkville. It's one of our favourite venues full of light, colour, and great access to parks and gardens. It also provides accommodation. If you want to stay contact the hotel and use the promo code WORKPLAYSTAY.

  • book now for our february workshop

    12th - 13th February 2019

  • meet the team behind unhurried leadership

    Melbourne workshop will be hosted by Johnnie and Viv

    Johnnie Moore

    Cambridge, England

    Viv McWaters

    Melbourne, Australia

    Lee Ryan

    Auckland, New Zealand

    David Matthew Prior

    New York, USA

    Nikki Hinksman

    London, England

  • questions?

    drop us a note

    GST of 10% is added to your registration fee. Cost includes refreshments and lunch on both days. We understand that sometimes plans change. If you find you need to cancel, we'll be sorry and will reimburse your registration fee less a 20% handling charge. We can't accept cancellations after January 31, 2019. Substitutions are okay.